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Demo Kit

Our demo kit is designed for you to experience our Power by Contact® technology with your devices.

Power by Contact®

Demo Kit

Our Demo Kit composed of a dongle adapter to retrofit USB-C devices, and a compact charging mat.

Main feature

65W USB-C input/output

Box dimensions

181 mm x 128 mm x 51 mm


1x Demo Transmitter
1x Demo Receiver

Experience contact-based

wireless charging

Power by Contact® demo transmitter

Demo Transmitter

Our Demo Transmitter is a compact charging mat made out of 4 charging tiles.


– 4 outputs (tiles)
– 5-9-12-15-20 V output
– 65W max.


92 mm x 81 mm x 12 mm

Demo Receiver

Our demo receiver is a USB-C dongle adaptor to be attached to your device.


– 5-9-12-15-20 V input/output
– 65W max.


49 mm x 7.4mm x 10mm

Power by Contact® demo receiver

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