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ThinkBook Wireless Dock

This product is the fruit of the common work of Synaptics (wireless docking), energysquare (cableless charging) and Lenovo. Acclaimed as an industry-first, true wireless docking station, increases productivity by charging and facilitating the connection to displays. It acts as a charging mat, where you can wirelessly connect your ThinkBook 13x Gen 2 laptop.
Availability : announced for June 2023

ClearTouch / ClearPower FUZE Case

A custom case to bring PbC compatibility to your notebook.
Availability : On pre-order
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ClearTouch / ClearPower FUZE Cart

First of its kind, high density cable free cart and cabinet for notebook fleets. Up to 30 notebooks charging simultaneously without plugging any cable.
Availability : On pre-order
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Lenovo ThinkBook 13x
Gen 2

Premium Lenovo notebook with Power by Contact© receiver inside.

Availability : available with optional PbC set up

Lenovo Wireless Charging Pad
Gen 2

Update of the Gen 1 charging mat, with the addition of an inductive charging area for 10W Qi devices.

Availability : End of 2022

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus
Gen 2

Flagship notebook with an e-ink touch screen on the back,
embedding a Power by Contact© receiver.

Availability : available with optional PbC set up

Lenovo Go
USB-C Wireless Charging Kit
Gen 1

Wireless Charging kit including a dongle and a charging mat, which can bring Power by Contact© technology to many USB type C laptops.

Availability : Available in various electronic stores