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ClearTouch / ClearPower <strong>FUZE</strong> cart <em>(Announced)</em>

ClearTouch / ClearPower FUZE cart (Announced)


First of its kind, high density cable free cart and cabinet for notebook fleets. Up to 30 notebooks in charge simultaneously without plugging any cable

Availability : On pre-order

ClearPower website

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Lenovo Thinkbook 13x

Gen 2 (Announced)


Premium Lenovo notebook and its Gen 2 charging mat

Availability : September 2022

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Lenovo <strong>Thinkbook 13x <p> Gen 2</strong> <em>(Announced)</em>
Lenovo <strong>Wireless Charging Pad Gen 2</strong> <em>(Announced)</em>

Lenovo Wireless Charging Pad Gen 2 (Announced)


Update of the Gen 1 charging mat, with the addition of an inductive charging area for 10W Qi devices.
Availability : September 2022

CES2022 annoucement

Lenovo Thinkbook plus Gen 2

Flagship notebook with an e-ink touch screen on the back
Availability : available with optional PbC set up

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Lenovo <strong>Thinkbook plus Gen 2</strong>
Lenovo Go <strong>Wireless Charging Kit Gen 1</strong>

Lenovo Go Wireless Charging Kit Gen 1


Wireless Charging kit including a dongle and a charging mat, which can bring Power by Contact© technology to many USB type C laptops

Availability : Available in various electronic stores

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