Lenovo Go Wireless Charging Kit embedding Power by Contact© is now available

Lenovo has commercially released a Wireless Charging kit, including a dongle and a charging mat, which can bring Power by Contact© technology to many USB type C laptops

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Lenovo <strong>Go</strong> Wireless Charging Kit embedding Power <em>by</em> Contact<sup>©</sup> is now available

The wireless charging technology
revolutionizing the workspace

Power by Contact©,
world’s first universal and efficient wireless charging technology
for all workspace devices.

How does it work?Licensing

Unleash the full potential of a 0 wire office

Power by Contact License : enhance electronic devices and customer experience


Power by Contact© patented technology makes it possible to charge wirelessly several electronic devices with freedom of placement, at full speed, with the same efficiency as a cable.

energysquare provides licenses to device manufacturers who want to get the best charging experience for their users.

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Power <em>by</em> Contact License : <strong>enhance</strong> electronic devices and customer <strong>experience</strong>

The most efficient and powerful
wireless charging technology

speed and efficiency

Free positioning

Multiple voltages
and devices

No wave emission

Cost effective

Charge Data collection

Easy integration, unlimited applications


Power by Contact© technology can be embedded easily in any device, with minimal constraints.


energysquare‘s Lab will provide the best support in design and electronics for integrating the technology in your products.

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Easy integration, <strong>unlimited</strong> applications

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Awarded Best Innovation at CES 2019

Our Power by Contact© technology received the world famous CES Best of Innovation Award, among more than 4500 companies.

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<strong>Awarded</strong> <em>Best Innovation</em> at CES 2019

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