Wireless charging

as efficient as a cable

Our ground-breaking contact-based wireless charging technology Power by Contact® provides the best charging experience.

Power by Contact® brings wireless charging

to a next level

Full Charging


Multiple Voltages
and Devices

Up to 97%


100W USB-C
Power Delivery

Power by Contact® wireless charging technology development kit, demo kit and modules

Test and experience

Power by Contact®

To find out more about our innovative conductive power transfer capabilities, request a dev kit, demo kit or our modules available to experience our technology.

Embed Power by Contact®,

enhance your products.

Power by Contact patented wireless charging technology

Let’s talk about how you can deliver

the best charging experience to your customers

    Enhance your products,

    get a Power by Contact® license

    Looking for a wireless charging solution for your products? Power by Contact® offers the best charging experience for electronic device users. Get a license on our technology to embed Power by Contact® in your products.

    License Power by Contact®wireless charging technology to enhance your products

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