Our services

energysquare offers multiple levels of services according to your needs :


Conditions :

Non disclosure agreement

Department :

Sales team

Sales team provides data and support for engineer and marketing teams to evaluate our technology.
Sales team can present samples of our technology, and organize technical webinars to present the technology to engineering teams.

Proof of concept

Conditions :

POC agreement

Department :


The Lab is dedicated to prototypes making. Its objective is to allow our client to make their own opinion on our technology by experiencing it by themselves.
Off the shelf PoC, designed and produced internally, ready to ship for customers.
Custom PoC, designed according to our client needs, often based on an existing product of the customer.


Conditions :

License agreement

Department :

Design office

Design office department provides services to customers who have signed a License agreement with energysquare.
Its role is to deliver extended data, design guidelines and support to clients who want to design their own PbC products. They also design custom software or hardware to fit customer requirements.

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